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small discoveries II - belle epoque 2007 & grand brut
2015 | packaging | limited edition offers
commissioned by Perrier-Jouët Champagne
Belle Epoque 2007 - small discoveries by mischer'traxler - bottle in the studio
Belle Epoque 2007 - small discoveries by mischer'traxler
working on the Belle Epoque 2007 packaging
working on the Belle Epoque 2007 bottle
final packaging of Belle Epoque 2007 small discoveries - detail of the lace like insect-graphics on the sleeve
Belle Epoque 2007 small discoveries edition within the ‘curiosity cloud' installation
Grand Brut - small discoveries edition with the metal ‘plumier’ slide box

'small discoveries', is an extended collaboration between mischer'traxler and Perrier-Jouët that started with the project 'ephemerā' in December 2014 and is continued throughout 2015 with three original creations for Perrier-Jouët Champagne that reference to 'ephemerā' as well as the installation ‘curiosity cloud’.

The aim of the Small Discoveries collection is to tell the story of the dialogue between nature and mankind, and to stimulate curiosity of the individual through several design pieces.

For the Belle Epoque Vintage 2007 bottle and the Grand Brut packaging, the language of Art Nouveau is reinterpreted by placing silhouettes of various insects onto the existing bottle and onto a custom-designed metal box. This way, the special packagings relate directly to the Art Nouveau heritage of Perrier-Jouët, as well as they are directly linked to the interactive projects ephemerā' and ‘curiosity cloud’.
Additionally insects are very relevant for the champagne production, as they act as pollinators and therefore the silhouettes of the insects draw attention to their importance. Five species shown on the packagings are as well represented in the 'curiosity cloud‘ installation.

For the Belle Epoque Vintage 2007 the insect-graphics are realised in a white delicate print and cover the whole bottle. This way the ‚small discoveries‘-bottle represents a garden blooming with white Japanese anemones. As the flowers spread their iridescent petals against the darkness of the night, butterflies flutter around adorning them.
- The packaging of this edition tries to hide the represented insects printed onto the bottle, by covering them in a lace-like structure on a transparent sleeve. In this way one has a small discovery when opening the box and discover the insects on the bottle.

The special Cuvee Grand Brut packaging is as well showing silhouettes of insects, this time in various shades of green. A metal box holds the bottle and can keep it cool for two hours. It slides open like an old wooden wine box linking the new packaging to the past. Once one has consumed the champagne, the box can be used as a small storage box.


project assistant: Maria Bauhofer


Perrier-Jouët Champagne