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similarly unique
2013| installation | on invitation by lynfabrikken
exhibition similarly uniqueexhibition view of 'similarly unique'
exhibition similarly uniqueexhibition seen from outside
exhibition similarly uniqueplaying with the senses | view from outside during evening time
lines on the specially designed carpet undeline the mirroring effect
small details like the buisnesscard were realy mirrored to intensify the reflecting effect
the box - an exhibition space for passing pedestrians
snapshot taken while doing the set-up | Katharina in dialoge with Jeppe from Lynfabrikken

Studio, mischer'traxler was invited by lynfabrikken to design an installation in their exhibition space 'the BOX' in Aarhus.

The resulting installation is called 'similarly unique' and divides the space of the BOX with a frame into mirrored halves, representing objects from various mischer'traxler projects.

The selected projects are characterized by their individuality within a series. They are similar, yet unique. The exhibition is addressing these minor differences among some products by juxtaposing two objects of a kind and showing them as being mirrored in the space. One has to look twice to notice the slight differences in the mirrored counterpart. The creations are let to reflect in themselves, emphasizing on both, their resemblance and singularity.

dimension: site-specific

included projects:
the idea of a tree, 97 meters veneer-baskets, reversed volume, layered me-mirror