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2010 | installation / exhibition design | commissioned by Vienna Design Week
whole view of the Rumkugelbahnwhole view of the Rumkugelbahn
zoom - Rumkugelbahnzoom into the Rumkugelbahn
animated rolling between Riess Aromapotts designed by dottings.rolling in between Riess - Aromapots designed by dottings
detail Rumkugelbahndetail of the Rumkugelbahn, zoom onto Lobmeyr - Alpha with Caps designed by Max Lamb
zoom loopinglooping and lift
detaildetail of the Rumkugelbahn, zoom onto Inefficient Vase designed by breaded escalope

video by Robert Andriessen - thank's a lot
child infront of the installationvisitors at the Rumkugelbahn
Thomas and the installationThomas in front of the Rumkugelbahn
first sketchsketch

Rumkugelbahn was designed and build as Vienna Design Week Embassy during the DMY Design Festival in Berlin 2010. Since then it was shown as well in Vienna and in Prague.

The playful installation is a kind of big marble run, but instead of marbles, little Rum-chocolate balls find their way through the tracks . On their way through the installation, the little chocolate balls touch, roll- and jump through and bump into various Design Objects from different projects and designers from past editions of  Vienna Design Week. By following the chocolate, the audience automatically looks at the included objects and watches narrowly the installation.
In the end one receives, as a little reward, the chocolate ball.

Rumkugelbahn is a 'sweet' representation of Vienna Design Week. As a 'childhood-dream come true' - kind of installation, it makes people smile and gives them a happy feeling whilst they look at Design.

dimension: 5 x 1,1 x 2,8 m
included objects: 12 from various designers and companies

represented companies:

, Authentics, Lobmeyr, Mühlbauer, Posenanski, Riess, Wittman

represented designers:

Adrien Rovero
, breaded Escalope, Dottings,
Marco Dessi, Max Lamb, Polka, Robert Rüf,
Soda designers

Neigungsgruppe Design
Vienna Design Week
DMY Berlin
Krehky Gallery Prague