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2008 | concept / system-thinking | self-initiated
concept explanation - visualisationconcept visualisation: from limited back to unlimited
123reallimited:1.wild nature 2.old techniques and professions 3.domestic animals, plants - products
detail of mind mapdetail of a mind map during research to the theme of affluent society
research into endangered wild species in Austriaresearch into endangered wild species in Austria
experiment with blaudruckexperiment:'Blaudruck'-technique with animal pattern
monoculture vs. diversitymonoculture/diversity

Inspired by limited editions, the project RealLimited connects limitation back to realistic facts.

RealLimited is about limited editions that reflect limitations in reality: untouched nature, maintained traditions, old craftsmanship, languages and dialects...
The main idea is to get inspired from these limitation, to start using and revitalizing them and to encourage their further being (applicable to craftsmanship, products of rare domestic animals,..) or to mirror and interpret the limitation, if use is not directly possible. (wild nature, resources....)

RealLimited should show that Design can be functional, good and beautiful, not just in an object, but also for the idea it stands for.

RealLimited can be applied to:
1.:wild nature

2.:old nearly forgotten techniques and craftsmanship
One experiment was executed using a rare 'Blaudruck'- technique - there are just two little companies left in Austria.
Instead of the old-fashioned flower patterns - new patterns were used. In this case silhouettes of endangered animals.

3.:endangered domestic animals, plants and their products

reallimited wild nature

In the first executed RealLimited-project endangered species are translated into limited editions of products. Each single product, or element of a product, represents one individual being.
A percentage of the money generated by selling the limited editions goes to environmental projects that try to save the selected species. Ideally the editions of products would be re-edited every few years, mirroring the species development. If the population increases in number, the edition does as well.

So far the limited fungi shelf and the limited moths lamp are outcomes of this concept.