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it takes more than one - mirror
2011 | prototype | commissioned by Design Miami & W Hotels
for 'W-Hotels Designer of the future' award
it takes more than one ...
just when there are two or more people in front, the surface turns into a mirror
the whole mirror
mirror next to 'collective works' at the 'W-Hotel's Designer of the future' show
some sketches
first test: Katharina Mischer, Martin Robitsch, Thomas Traxler, Michael Zeltner

On the occasion of being one of the winners of the 'W-hotels designer of the future award', mischer'traxler got commissioned to develop new work on the theme of 'conversation pieces' , which premiered at Design Miami/ Basel in June 2011.

Conversations are important to learn about oneself and to define who you are. Through conversation with others, one is able to discover oneself. This was the starting point to develop a mirror which visualizes that self reflection requires interaction with others.

‘It takes more than one’ is a mirror which is just working if more than one person is standing in front of it. The mirror appears just white if one looks at it alone, but as soon as another person is joining, it becomes reflective and shows both persons in the mirror.

The shape of the leaning mirror represents two single outlines that are overlapping each other. The intersection of the two shapes turns from a matt white surface to a mirror. Sensors in the mirror's frame detect how many people are in front of it and switches the mirror on or off.

Small technical note: The mirror just needs energy when being reflective and not when being turned off. (as most of the time)

developed in cooperation with Michael Zeltner

mirror, glass, solid oak wood, stain,custom made electronics

dimensions: 165cm x 235cm x 15cm

Design Miami