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2016 | process & unique pieces|
commissioned by Schloß Hollenegg for Design
first finished isochrone sidetable
detail of the created surface / bowl on the table top
Isochrone - pendulum - continues slow movement
view of Isochrone set-up at Schloß Hollenegg
zoom onto the grater that gradually scratches away the layers of the table
colour-samples of the different layers that each table is made out of
making of the layers that form the tabletop
making of the layers that form the tabletop
with time slowly the grove becomes depper and forms a bowl on the surface of the table

Studio, mischer'traxler was invited by Schloß Hollenegg for Design to stay in this special castle for a week and develop a site-specific design project to the theme of SLOW.
The resulting installation is called 'isochrone'

Isochrone tries to capture time and pace within a process and an object. It is a constant movement representing time and continuity, to be observed in a calm meditative manner.

A multilayered tabletop, representing the various layers of Schloss Hollenegg's history, is made by carefully piling colourful strata, each hand-made out of pigments, glue, sawdust and paper, onto each other. Once dried, the finished tabletop is placed underneath a big pendulum. Slow and constant, the pendulum swings circularly back and forth, abrading a section of the tabletop. Through the monotonous, steady and continuous movement, a bowl is formed on the tabletop, and the layers of which the surface is made of, are unveiled.

The finished object is a hybrid between a flat surface table, and a bowl; it enriches and complements perfectly the collection of special, unusual and occasionally strange objects, that decorate the rooms of Schloss Hollenegg.

project assistants: Maria Bauhofer, Elisa Polner
with special support in regards to development of the material: Eva Ohrhallinger

pendulum: metal, motor, weight, grinder | tabletop: wood-glue, pigments, sawdust, paper
dimension: pendulum machine 100cm x 130cm x 220cm
table: high table: Ø60cm x 85cm (height) |
low table: Ø 72cm x 45cm (height)


Schloß Hollenegg for Design