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goodtime - clock
2014 | serial unique product | for goodgoods
all the single pieces that make one clock
some of the inspiration came from simply hanging things on a wall
some of the necessary tools for production
the colouring of the wood is achived by playing with colours
working at the sheltered workshop

Goodgoods is a new brand promoting and selling sustainable, local goods from sheltered workshops based in Vienna.

The project Goodtime-Clock unites simple production steps with a colouring method that is fun to do and provides unique results. By putting flakes of different coloured beewax-crayon on wooden boards and then ironing and rubbing them, colourful gradients are achieved on the wood,whilst still keeping the veins visible. The boards are then cut in polygone shapes and thanks to the layering a clockwork can rest in the middle. The design was determined by finding an easy method to proudce the clock.

It is hard to cut perfet circles - so be it polygon
It is not so easy to build a frame - so let's layer up
It is boring to paint in one colour - so let's use more


material: oak, beewax based colour, grey paint, clockwork
dimension: ca.: 34 x 37 cm

production: hand made in Vienna

project assistant: Maria Bauhofer, Eva Ohrhallinger