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f.aid workshop
2011 | open source-instruction / workshop |
for das möbel - das Geschäft 2011| for MAK Vienna 2013

lamp and shelf in the workshop spacef.aid bench and f.aid desk lamp
instruction sketch and various f.aid ideas
set up before the workshop startedset-up before the workshop started
f.aid workshop in progressf.aid workshop in progress
constructing a lampconstructing a lamp
lamp and shelf in the workshop spacestanding lamp f.aid and f.aid shelf in the workshop space
some workshop resultssome workshop results
little f.aid lamplittle f.aid lamp
stamp on the Bolzano edition
f.aid desk with lamp
first f.aid prototype 2007
detail of prototype

'F.aid' is an easy DIY-method to built new furniture out of single old waste chipboards or other fibre boards by fixing them together with bandages. These 3M-scotchcast bandages are normally used for lightweight casts by doctors and harden quickly with just a bit of water. They give stability to the furniture and an unconventional look. Thanks to the easy method various furniture types and shapes are possible, depending on the size of the boards.

So far two 'f.aid' workshops were held, where people could built their own furniture. For these occasions old boards, still in good condition, were organized from the rubbish containers of a charity shops or garbage places. During the workshop people could take several boards and buy some bandages to built their own creations. The participants were assisted with tips and advises and by the end of the day some shelves, lamps and a bench found their way into new homes.

Apart from giving people the possibility of creating their own furniture, the project makes use of non-recycable material. In Austria each year 2,5 million m³ of chipboard, mdf, and other fibre boards are produced. After their lifespan, they normally get burnt in high temperature incineration plants.

The workshop-event happened first in 2011 at 'das Möbel - das Geschäft' in Vienna and was repeated in 2013 during the 'Design - it - yourself' - nite at the MAK in Vienna.
Objects from the series were built together with Martin Robitsch, during a four-days residency at Countdown Bolzano in spring 2012.

Feel free to download a basic 'f.aid' instruction here.
project assistant workshop Möbel: Greta Hauer
project assistant workshop MAK: Julian Heckel

material:leftover fibre boards, screws, 3M scotchcast-
bandages, some paint for the edges
dimensions: variable

MAK Vienna
das moebel
Martin Robitsch