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enuo - an updating concept
2007 | concept / system thinking | self-initiated
enuo - system explanation graphicssystem explanation
updating folder1as a tool an updating catalogue was created
updating folder2two pages of updating methods
updating folder3two pages of updating methods
f.aid: one enuo experiment
Overproduction mostly results in many leftovers. Items in good conditions. Unfortunately it happens that these nearly 'new' products and good materials are trashed as they occupy storage space.

What if companies would start to reuse their overproduction? What if they would turn their leftovers into new updated products?
What if they would introduce a second life brand?

In our scenario the brand 'enuo' is the daughter company of Ikea. Enuo is dealing with Ikea’s leftovers and reuses them for new products. The leftover objects are cut and newly assembled, painted or used in many other ways. Still the new resulting products should not be single unique pieces, but small series. The waste of the main company is the basis for the second life brand. 'enuo' tries to be locally global. Thus depending on the needs of the country, the new 'enuo'-products would be different from region to region.

As a tool for the 'enuo-designers' we started a folder with various updating methods. It is a collection of different techniques and ideas. The proposals should function as inspiration rather than instructions.

The concept of updating could be introduced to many mass-producing companies.

- Sustainable Design Award, by Dyson and the Design Academy Eindhoven (first price); the Netherlands; 2007