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LeveL II
2016/2017 | kinetic light installation | limited edition based on the
LeveL installation | for Victor Hunt
LeveL II hanging balanced in a room
just like the bigger LeveL installation, LeveL II reacts equally sensitive to touch and breeze.
LeveL II can be switched to chandelier - mode and does not change the intesity of illumination when in motion
the new lampshades are differently shaped than the ones from the LeveL installation and are more robust
watch a snapshot of the LeveL II chandelier when in sensor mode by clicking on the image or here
LeveL II– is a further development of the LeveL – the fragile balance of perfect system-installation.

LeveL II consists out of several interconnected rods, that can hang, like a mobile/ like a chandalier in a space. Each end of the rods carries a delicate illuminated lampshade. If left by itself, the structure finds its perfect equilibrium and each end of the rods is light up to the brightest level so that the piece illuminates the room. Once somebody comes close, touches the piece, or even with a breeze of air, the installation starts tilting. Depending on the tilt of the rods, the light lowers so that it is just dimmed.
Every movement occurring in the space — whether introduced by visitors or unpredictable elements — transforms the light object’s shape and brilliance.

LeveL II can be switched from sensitive mode into chandelier mode, in which the piece shines continously to enlight a space. Additionally the original design of the lamp-shades was altered in order to withstand more impact and to be easier replaced if necessary.

The piece was developed for Victor Hunt and is available in various sizes.

electro-technical development: Simon Laburda | DKAI
project assistant: Maria Bauhofer, Elisa Polner

carbon fibre rods, copper, metal, POM, cable, Japanese paravent paper, electric components,  custom made circuit boards

version with 14 rods: approx.2000 x 1750 x 1400mm
version with 7 / 8 rods: 2000 x 1750 x 800mm
the pieve can be slightly adapted
and various configerations are possible.


Victor Hunt