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97 metre veneer baskets
2013 | serial unique product | for PCM
three 97m veneer baskets - each unique

detail recorder one

making-of | producing a 97 metres veneer basket | click image for movie or here
four low baskets
four low baskets
detail of the wooden structure and the fading colour
testing colour tones on the veneer
the baskets are available in 138 colours
part of the colour chart
detail label
97m veneer basket - slim & high version | with and without lid
97m veneer basket - big & low version | with and without lid

'97 metre veneer - baskets' are wooden baskets, each having its own unique colour gradient.

With a specially constructed machine, an estimated 97 metre long oak-veneer-strip is slowly glued and coiled up around a wooden base to form a basket. During its production a marker draws onto the wooden veneer and continuously fades out leaving a colour gradient on the basket. From very intense colouring at the base to just the idea of the marker's rest, each basket represents all intensities of one hue.

The baskets are available in two different sizes. As there is always the same amount of veneer used this means: big and low, slim and high Each size will be produced in 138 individual colours. Starting with Canary Yellow up to Dark Bark brown, from Prussian Blue to Special Black, every basket in its special colour.

material:oak veneer, ink, impregnated
dimension: available in two sizes (diameter 29,5 cm and 36 cm), each basket is unique in colour, stamped and numbered on the bottom

production: serial manufacturing, made in Spain

PCM design