• 15.3.2024 – 13.10.2024
    new project , exhibition

    "Water Pressure - Designing for the future" an exhibition of the MK&G Hamburg and Jane Withers Studio – looks at the water crisis from a global perspective. We were commissioned to come up with an installation celebrating water. The result "vital rain" is part of the exhibition and will stay permanently in the museums yard.
    more soon

    MKG Hamburg - Water Pressure

  • april 2024
    new project

    For the glassware company Lobmeyr we designed "ident" - drinking set No.287

    Identical shape, identical height - five individual glasses.
    The series was unveilded during Milan Design Week.


  • april 2024 - ongoing
    factory tour

    We designed the factory tour for Laufen in Gmunden with a lot of details and small installations to guide and inform local and international guests.

    Laufen Gmunden

  • 5.4.2024 - 14.7.2024

    "inWastement" glass series is on show at the Klimabiennale in Vienna at the "design with a purpose" exhibition.

    Klimabiennale Wien

  • 15.9.2023 - 21.7.2024

    HEIMATEN. An exhibition and survey and an attempt to break with conventional takes on Heimat. the exhibition was shown at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MK&G) in 2022. Our specially commissioned piece 'riparian cloud' is now also on show in Molfsee.

    Freilichtmuseum Molfsee

  • 01.06.2024 - 30.03.2025
    exhibition, adapted project

    A utopian insect swarm based on our 'curiosity cloud' developed with 13 children from Dresden swirls during the Kinderbiennale in the Japanische Palais. The participatory process resulted in 24 fantastic, colourful insects.

    Children's Biennale "Planet Utopia"

  • 30.05 2024 - 13.10.2024
    new project , exhibition

    All in! Re-Designing Democracy - Every aspect of democracy has been designed, therefore it can be designed differently. A new "Themis" claims in the exhibition for rights for Nature.


  • 10.05. 2024 - 23.06.2024

    20th anniversary international exhibition and series of events. Our glass project "access" is part of the exhibition.

    design without borders

Hermès Labs

captivating laboratories, where fantasy creatures interact with exquisite Hermès objects

The window displays Hermès Labs at Hermès Seoul Maison Dosan Park invite viewers to discover and curiously watch the absurd goings-on in fantastic laboratory spaces. It transforms the store’s windows into a captivating exhibition featuring hydroponic tanks, micro-macro laboratories, organism growing basins, and creature storage rooms. This imaginative display combines fantastical elements with exquisite Hermès objects, giving rise to friendly beasts waiting to be discovered. It bridges the gap between the digital and graphical worlds and the realm of tangible objects.

In the three larger displays, new worlds additionally emerge when one looks through the polarizing bubbles: What happens in the microscope? Who is floating in the creature tank, and what is growing in the growth box? The white screens unveil stories waiting to be detected. Astonishment guaranteed!

image above: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

comb monster, illustrations by maresch & sturm

Hermès objects transform into plant elements, sprouting from soil boxes and gracefully suspended in the glasshouse.

growing room detail, photo credits: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

placed under the microscope the patterns of the scarf are enlarged and come to life in the illustrated animation. photo credits: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

pinned accessory insects, photo credits: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

small window with petri dishes, photo credits: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

small window with hanging plants and frog plate, photo credits: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

small window with octopus nail polish, photo credits: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

small window with magnifying glass creature, photo credits: Sangtae Kim / Courtesy of Hermès Korea⁠

  • material

    modified LCD screens, polarisation filter, various materials

  • illustrations and animations by

  • team

    Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler,  Sophia Stoewer, Florian Semlitsch