• Dec. 01st - Dec. 05th 2021
    new project

    Design Miami: our new installation "embodied nature" commissioned by Maison Perrier-Jouët will be unveiled!
    An artistic experience to nurture sensibility to the living world

    Design Miami / 2021

  • Nov. 11th - Nov. 14th 2021
    curiosity cloud

    an updated "curiosity cloud" for Maison Perrier Jouët is on show at the 8th West Bund Art & Design fair in Shanghai. We are very happy that our collaboration with Perrier Jouët continues and insects flutter again at West Bund Art Center:
    2555 Long Teng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China


  • Oct. 22nd - Oct. 31st 2021
    new project

    DESIGN ART TOKYO: First stop of our new collaboration 'I am Nature'with maison Perrier Jouet dealing about biodiversity.
    to be shown at Gyre.Food

    Design Art Tokyo

  • June 12th - Jan 9th 2022

    Our commissioned 'riparian cloud' is on show at the "Heimaten" exhibition at the MK&G Hamburg. The exhibition is curated by Amelie Klein

    MK&G Hamburg

  • Nov. 4th - Dec. 12th 2021

    "MADE IN: Crafts — Design Narratives", a Travelling Exhibition stops in Schneeberg Germany including our project 'ratio' executed in collaboration with the stonemason Beno Ogrin.


  • ongoing

    we had the pleasure to co-curate the new MAK Design Lab at the Museum of applied Arts in Vienna

    MAK Design Lab

embodied nature – vinea mea

an artistic experience to nurture sensibility to the living world

embodied nature – vinea mea invites to look at all species, including mankind, as forming part of a whole – hence the importance of preserving this interconnectedness. Humans are living beings among other living beings, and this message of equality breaks down barriers and redefines the relationship between man and nature.

The Japanese anemone, the emblematic flower of Maison Perrier-Jouët, serves as the frame for this artistic experience, which aims to nurture our sensibility to the living world. It is composed of more than 70 species selected from the flora and fauna found in the vineyards of France’s Champagne region, all of which contribute to the biological balance of their ecosystem.

When a visitor approaches the work, they see themselves as if in a mirror – except that, instead of their reflection, what appears before them is an image of nature in all its diversity.

main image above: Leonard Hilzensauer

detail of embodied nature - vinea mea
image credit: Leonard Hilzensauer

embodied nature projection screenshot

embodied nature – vinea mea – is first and foremost a creative work and an emotional experience. This emotional dimension is essential in our view. It is what captures the attention of the viewer, making them more receptive to the educational and philosophical message of the work. 

interacting with embodied nature, image credit: Leonard Hilzensauer

video of the installation

detail of the watercolour species, shaping the anemone

around 70 species, which make up the ecosystem of the vineyards are represented in the installation

  • material

    printed and lasercut PP-species, metal, white cabinet, depth tracking cameras, projection screen, projector, computers

  • dimension


  • digital development and animation

    Simon Laburda (DKIA), Aryan, Marlen Jachek

  • team

    Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler, Sophia Stoewer, Florian Semlitsch, Johanna Dubrusskin, Dimitrije Andrijevic, Christoph Heidebrecht

watercolour drawings and a visualization of the concept