• 3. August, 2023 - 1.January 2024
    exhibition, new project

    On the occasion of the exhibition dealing about 'WADI,' we were commissioned to develop a new project. 'Themis-Wadi' addresses the audience, advocating for more rights and greater appreciation for this biome.
    curated by: Dan Handel

    Haifa Museum of Art

  • 29. April - 31. October, 2023
    project LAB

    'themis real time LAB' during the "Plant Fever exhibition" at Design Campus Dresden. 'Themis Elbinsel' questions the inclusion of nature into society.

    Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden

  • 22. May - 21. October, 2023

    we are happy that our project 'Access' is part of the "FOOD" exhibition at Design Museum Holon.
    The project is a set of six drinking glasses, confronting people with the global distribution of clean drinking water.

    Design Museum Holon

  • 29.September - 05.November, 2023
    exhibition, new project

    'Design for the Unthinkable World' - an exhibition exploring new directions

    KORA – Contemporary Arts Center

  • ongoing

    MAK Design Lab at the Museum of applied Arts in Vienna. Within the permanent Design exhibition one can find a few of our projects like 'the idea of a tree', 'limited moths' or 'LeveL.

    MAK Design Lab

breathing chandeliers

five grand kinetic chandeliers fill the Arcade’s of Potsdamer Platz with slow continuous movement

all five chandeliers create a cheerful color composition
credit: Faruk Pinjo

breathing chandeliers is a kinetic artwork inspired by the grandness of the ballrooms of the 1920s. Five grand kinetic chandeliers fill the Arcade’s of Potsdamer Platz with slow continuous movement. The coloured bodies seem to breathe slowly, giving lively rhythm and tempo to the space and create a dormant vitality.
The shapes of the kinetic volumes are based on traditional chandeliers from the countries many current residents from Berlin originate from (Germany, Turkey, Poland, Syria and Italy). Made in lightweight, airy material, the vibrant volumes vary in sizes from 350 to 400 cm in diameter with lengths from 430 to 550 cm and thus leave an impression when entering the Arcades.

main image by Faruk Pinjo

video of breathing chandeliers

the coloured volumes seem to breathe slowly, giving lively rhythm and tempo

red chandelier
credit: Faruk Pinjo

orange chandelier from below
credit: Faruk Pinjo

video of the setup of one chandelier

light blue chandelier during the setup

sketching to refine the shapes of the chandeliers
credit: Leo Mühlfeld

  • material

    aluminium, fabric, velcro, custom made linear motors

  • dimensions

    red chandelier approx. 460 x 350 cm

    orange chandelier approx. 500 x 250 cm

    green chandelier approx. 430 x 400 cm

    light blue chandelier approx. 460 x 280 cm

    dark blue chandelier approx. 550 x 300 cm

  • production

  • material suport

  • team

    Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler, Sophia Stoewer, Florian Semlitsch, Christoph Heidebrecht, Julia Habarda