• June
    new commission

    We are very happy that the MK&G Hamburg (museum for arts and crafts) commissioned the "riparian cloud" for their permanent collection which includes species which are extinct or endangered in the area of Hamburg.

    MK&G Hamburg

  • June 12th - Jan 9th 2022

    Our commissioned 'riparian cloud' is on show at the "Heimaten" exhibition at the MK&G Hamburg. The exhibition is curated by Amelie Klein

    MK&G Hamburg

  • May 25th - Oct. 3rd

    our project "ratio-s" is part of the "Climate Care" exhibition at the MAK during the Vienna Biennale.

    MAK Vienna

  • april 09th - sept. 12th 2021

    "colourful kinaesthesa"
    The workshop results from our 2019 workshop in Boisbuchet are travelling with the "Colour and the Senses" exhibition to Lille.


  • april 01st – august 15th, 2021

    "Design by Time exhibition" — currently on show at the The Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco.
    With it our projects 'isochrone', 'day by day' and 'the idea of a tree'

    design by time

  • ongoing

    we had the pleasure to co-curate the new MAK Design Lab at the Museum of applied Arts in Vienna

    MAK Design Lab

colourful kinaesthesia

a workshop to capture human motion in colour

Kinaesthesia (noun, awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory organs in the muscles and joints | from Greek kinein ‘to move’ + aisthēsis ‘sensation’).
In August 2019, fifteen international students and professionals met at the Domaine de Boisbuchet in France for a workshop with Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler of studio mischer’traxler. Following an invitation of the Designmuseum Gent, the purpose was to contribute to the museum’s Kleureyck exhibition with experiments on the relationships between colour and the human sensory perception.
mischer’traxler focused the experimentation on analogies of colour and our sense of movement (kinaesthesia), and they proposed to develop the work in four steps: At first, all primary and secondary colours – red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and green – were to be matched with all kinds of qualities such as aggressive, natural, optimistic, spiritual, cool, surprising etc. A second step asked to transform these words into adjectives that describe certain movements: fast or slow, accelerated or retarded, steady or abrupt, as well as conditions, such as balanced, in between these. In the longest and most challenging third phase, each group of participants had to design and build one scenario, that allows to realize a colour by executing that movement which hence most accurately relates to a specific colour. The participant’s performance of all installations was then the last step and was recorded in film and photography.
The Domaine de Boisbuchet’s abundant nature as well as the teamwork of tutors, participants, and staff provided a perfect setting for this experience. Creative freedom within a social and environmental reference was indeed a fifth, unexpressed part of the workshop’s briefing. Essential for the success of this experiment, it yet didn’t need any request. The glory of nature and community are central topics also for the van Eyck’s masterwork, the Ghent altarpiece, which celebrates a harmony of people peacefully together in adoration of god as a piece of heaven on earth. The study of nature was Jan van Eyck’s hidden agenda, which established his reputation as a father of Renaissance art. It is also at the center of mischer’traxler’s work and of this workshop they conducted.


Text by Mathias Schwartz-Clauss
main image: yellow project by Yelun Kim & Yong Ju Kwak
photographer: Martina Orska


at Domaine de Boisbuchet

the week at Domaine de Boisbuchet
video by Holo Wang

Edizalp Akin & Guillaume Slizewicz

adjectives such as cheeky, soft and naive were for example combined with actions like rollig, huging and hopping

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

Paloma del Cubo & Jorge Garaje

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

Irina Pfenning & Vaishnavi Ilankamban

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

Lake Lewis & Tae Keun Kwak

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

Marie Lestanguet, Marta Przybylska & Angela Garcia Maynegre

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

Nausheen Baig & Sergio Guijarro

image credit: Lake Lewis

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

exhibition set up
at the Design Museum in Gent

image credit: Design Museum Gent

image credit: Design Museum Gent

For the exhibition, photos and videos from the workshop were displayed on a wooden structure. The colourful artefacts designed and used for the performances at Boisbuchet, were shown on the inside.

image credit: Martina Orska - Boisbuchet

  • images

    if not indicated otherwise all images by Martina Orska

  • participants

    Yelun Kim, Yong Ju Kwak, Paloma del Cubo, Jorge Garaje, Irina Pfenning, Vaishnavi Ilankamban, Lake Lewis, Tae Keun Kwak, Marie Lestanguet, Marta Przybylska , Angela Garcia Maynegre, Edizalp Akin, Guillaume Slizewicz, Nausheen Baig, Sergio Guijarro

  • team

    Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler, Elisa Polner