a collection of objects where each piece
is dependent on the last

  • year 2017

  • categories Processes, Machines & Their unique Results
    Products and Furniture

  • comissioned by

    self initiated

  • developed for

    ‘morphosis’ exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg for Design

Inspired by how farmers keep parts of their crop for planting the seeds in the next season, and by botanical offsets that can be used to grow new plants. We applied the same principle to a design project. The result is the offsets series.
Felt fabric is slowly rolled into a tree-trunk shaped object with different colours giving it its own character. Once the object is finished, a section is cut off and forms the inner core of a new piece. The off-cut is wrapped again in layers of various coloured felt. From the second finished object, once again a piece is cut off and forms the starting point for the next object; and so on. Each piece is thus grown from the last one, in an ongoing series of unique objects, where each shape is defined by the previous off-cut. The emerging objects all have the same height and can be used as stools, seating poufs and small side tables.

the first piece of a series is almost round because it is not dependent on a previous cut-off

the first cut-off from the green piece forms the inner core for the much bigger, blue seating object

concept sketch of the offsets series explaining how one cut-off forms the inner core of the following piece

offset of a plant and an offsets object

offsets piece number four with cross section showing all the layers

offsets portrait to show the object, its shape and inner cut-off at once

custom-made oak veneer labels classify series and number of each offsets piece

offsets portrait of piece number five

offsets portrait of piece number six

the first four offsets

leftovers of the numbering system of the various layers of felt during the making process

  • material felt, snythetic felt, woodglue, oak, laquered plywood
  • dimension & weight
  • series no.1 piece # 1 approx. 40 x 33 x 42 cm & 12,8 kg
  • series no.1 piece # 2 approx. 61 x 76 x 42 cm & 45,2 kg
  • series no.1 piece # 3 approx. 41 x 58 x 42 cm & 25,3 kg
  • series no.1 piece # 4 approx. 43 x 44 x 42 cm & 16,6 kg
  • series no.1 piece # 5 approx. 40 x 37 x 42 cm & 16,9 kg
  • series no.1 piece # 6 approx. 42 x 49 x 42 cm & 27,7 kg
  • project assistance Bernd van Riel, Claire Garcia-Webb, Elisa Polner,