• Dec. 01st - Dec. 05th 2021
    new project

    Design Miami: our new installation "embodied nature" commissioned by Maison Perrier-Jouët will be unveiled!
    An artistic experience to nurture sensibility to the living world

    Design Miami / 2021

  • Oct. 01st 2021 - march 31st. 2022
    EXPO Dubai

    A custom designed 9metre high LeveL- chandelier is hanging in the Austrian Expo Pavilion in Dubai, welcoming guests to the VIP-lounge.

    Expo Dubai - Austria Pavilion

  • ongoing

    we had the pleasure to co-curate the new MAK Design Lab at the Museum of applied Arts in Vienna. Within the permanent exhibition one can find as well a few of our projects like 'the idea of a tree', 'limited moths' or 'LeveL

    MAK Design Lab

  • March 27th - Nov. 6th 2022

    'LeveL' in the exhibition
    "the new human" at the Große Kunstschau Worpswede

    Worpswede Museum


aluminium objects based on the relation between
waste and its recycled outcome

  • year 2018

  • categories artistic research
    Products & Furniture

  • commissioned by


The project inWASTEment shows how much waste of one material is required in order to produce a recycled piece of industrial metal. This first Prototype series uses aluminium. Aluminium garbage is collected and pressed into shapes that have already design-details like slots, connection points and other functional details. The pressed waste is finished by a sprayed-on aluminium layer to give the object uniformity and more stability. These shapes form the bases for various objects. Inserted into the pressed elements are simple aluminium pieces that equal in weight the amount of aluminium one would receive when recycling the base. Both pieces together form functional objects – in the first series a vase and a mirror. By pressing the garbage into usable shapes, the waste can be reused immediately without complex melting processes nor much energy. At the same time there is still the opportunity to recycle (remelt it) this 100% aluminium piece at one point in the future.

Nowadays waste should be valued as a proper resource – nevertheless it often still ends up in many wrong places rather than being collected and properly recycled.

if one would recycle the base, this amount of square tube would be the result

detail of the mirror with the weight of the two elements

Thomas and Bernd at the compactor

compressed aluminium block

  • material


  • dimensions

    mirror: 53x20x65cm

    vase: 20x20x35cm

  • team

    Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler, Monja Hirscher, Elisa Polner, Bernd van Riel