embodied nature

by mischer'traxler studio
for Maison Perrier-Jouët

An artistic experience to nurture sensibility to the living world.

Maison Perrier-Jouët and the Austrian design studio mischer'traxler have renewed a collaboration that first began in 2014 to continue their exploration of the relationship between mankind and nature, and in particular the influence of human activities on biodiversity.

With embodied nature, mischer'traxler studio invites us to regard all species, including mankind, as forming part of a whole, and to reflect on the importance of understanding this interconnectedness. More than 100 global species are represented, all on the same scale so as to emphasise the equality of their roles in the ecosystem. When visitors approach, they see themselves as if in a mirror. However, instead of their reflection, what appears before them is an image of nature in all its diversity. The silhouette is composed of various species, which evokes a cognitive self-awareness that each of us is a part of nature.

embodied nature is thus an individual experience with a collective reality. For mischer'traxler studio, this interactive installation is both a creative work and an emotional experience: art evokes an emotional response that can trigger deeper understanding and awareness. The artistic vision of mischer'traxler studio is in line with the commitment of Maison Perrier-Jouët. To nurture a sense of belonging to nature, to have a positive impact on the ecosystem, to implement a savoir-faire inspired by the living world – these priorities are at the heart of the House’s thinking and action now and in the future.

mischer'traxler studio:
Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler, Sophia Stoewer, Florian Semlitsch, Johanna Dubrusskin, Dimitrije Andrijevic, Christoph Heidebrecht

digital development and animation:
Simon Laburda (DKIA), Aryan, Marlen Jachek

biological research supervision: Agentur auf!

geographic range:

size / scale:

conservation status:

relation (flora & fauna):

relation (human):

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