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typologies of travellers
2012 | installation |commissioned by Alcantara and Maxxi museum
curated by Giulio Cappellini & Domitilla Dardi

view of the whole installation
sketch of 'typologies of travellers'
detail of the seat for the inhabitant - a suitcase ready to be filled
detailed sketch of the suitcase-table
desk for the workaholic
trying colour combinations for the installation
items for the set up like teddy bears, tetra packs, lunch boxes etc. were entirely made out of alcantara

Alcanatara and the Maxxi museum asked 8 design studios to interpret the new scenarios of (con)temporary living. Mischer'traxler was selected to rethink the way we travel by public transport:

Rather than completely redesigning classical public transportation seating, the focus was on human's
behaviour within public trains. Some people want to work, some relax, some are focused on themselves, some spread their belongings and others travel in pairs. For all these travellers special add-ons for train seats were designed, to form personal hubs for their journey. All these elements, even plants, wer made out of or covered with Alcantara and thus form soft, comforting modules, which serve individual needs.

The identified characters of travellers were:
- workaholic: wants to focus on his work in order to use the train ride in the most productive way … needs a calm, tidy office with little distraction.
- relaxer: wants to relax during the journey and enjoy the free time…. needs a sort of living room environment
- introvert: wants to be alone, does not want to interact with anybody, but is a bit nosy about others....
- inhabitant: spreads his/her belongings everywhere to show territory and to be happily surrounded by personal stuff … needs pockets and areas for personal things.
- two-gether: They do not mind having body contact and they share the space like being on a sofa … they also have a stitched game board to play together.

Eventhough some of the typologies are exaggerated, the project embraces the diversity of travellers and shows that public transportation seating has to serve many purposes and needs.

The project was shown in the exhibition' shape your life', curated by Giulio Cappellini & Domitilla Dardi, in November 2012
The group exhibition showed projects by Sebastian Herkner, Lanzavecchia + Way, mischer'traxler, Society of Architecture Matteo Zorzenoni, Vittorio Venezia, paradisiartificiali and Mana Bernardes.

project assistant: Isaac Monté

dimension:240 x 140 x 200 cm


Maxxi museum