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trapped flies
2013 | audio kinetic installation |commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum Rome
artificial flies trapped in different glasses
view of the whole shelf

the best is to watch the flies in action | play movie by clicking the image or here
detail of the shelf
the size and thickness of each glass defines a different tone
each fly flies in a natural way within the glass
all 52 glasses are different
concept sketch

If you trap a fly in a glass, it will try to escape and fly against the glass wall. When doing so, it emits the sound of the glass itself. Each glass, depending on its shape and thickness, will give a specific tone in a certain volume.

The installation 'trapped flies' consists of 52 different glasses, each with an artificial fly. Together they are programmed to create a swarm-like behavior and soundscape. The 'flies' are connected to a motor via a thin string, which gives them the freedom to 'fly' and hit the glass randomly and lifelike. A little concert by 52 flies.

"It is a surreal simulation that explores the boundaries between natural and artificial sounds and between movement and stillness." - Domitilla Dardi

'trapped flies' was initially designed on the occasion of the exhibition 'DOS - Designing Sound Objects' curated by Domitilla Dardi and Elisabetta Pisu and organized by the IMF foundation.

electro-technical support: Michael Zeltner
project assistant: Isaac Monté
film and photos: Zoe Hough and Julian Heckel

material: 52 glasses, 52 DC-motors with attached plastic flies, wooden shelf, custom electronics
dimension: 160x40x210cm

Austrian Cultural Forum Rome
'DOS - Designing Sound Objects'

IMF foundation