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till you stop
2006 | process / system thinking | self-initiated
image of various methodstill you stop - various process experiments
printingprinter that continuously prints and different outcomes
decorating platescontinuously decorated plates
deformthree differently deformed pots
drilling lampshapesturn-drill-turn-drill-turn-drill-turn-drill-turn-drill-...

'Till you stop' is an idea for a new kind of manufacturing method. It uses ongoing movements, random processes and the customer's decision to say 'stop', to create special editions next to the normal production lines.
One production step, is applied to an object over and over again. Thus the product is continuously changing. The customer can watch this diversification live via web cam and can decide when to stop the process. - Once stopped it can not be started again. When is the right time to stop?
Due to the continuous randomness and completely different production durations, the results are not completely predictable, unique pieces.
watch it - stop it!


- A printer which continuously prints and overprints the same pattern on a loop of paper.
- A plate is constantly decorated by a drawing device - till one stops the machine.
- A raw/wet clay-pot is constantly deformed by three different devices - until the costumer decides to stop the morphing action.
- Lampshades with drilled holes. The longer the process the more holes.

material: ink on paper
dimension: 21 x 120cm


material: ceramics and ceramic marker
dimension: Ø22 cm

material: ceramics
dimension: Ø15 cm x 14 cm

material: PS
dimension: Ø22 cm x 17 cm