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reversed volumes - leaves
2014 | serial product | for PCM
all three reversed volume leaves
all three reversed volume leaves
detail of 'dieffenbachia' plate
ficus elastica
detail of 'ficus elastica' plate
detail of 'monstera' plate
making of the prototype of the 'monstera' plate
white prototype of 'dieffenbachia' and colour directions
white prototype of 'ficus elasticus' and colour directions
white prototype of 'monstera' and colour directions

Reversed Volumes - leaves are part of the Reversed Volumes collection designed by mischer’traxler for PCM.

Reversed Volumes are shaped by capturing the imprint of vegetables/fruits/leaves and an existing bowl or plate. T
he imprints of three different species of leaves (diffenbachia, ficus elastica, monstera), all varying in style, size and colour form the leaf-plates.
For creating the Design, the space between a leaf and a plate was filled up with casting material. Once cast and dried, the natural element is shown very detailed from a new point of view. These imprints are replicated as food-safe and water proof trays, representing precisely the veins and wrinkles of the used leaves. Flat and wide the leaf-plates can be used to serve and present food and form a good addition to the collection of reversed volumes bowls.

All reversed volumes are hand-crafted in a semi industrial process in Spain. This method allows slight differences in colour to bring more natural variance into the serial production.

material: food-safe resin,
food proof, dishwasher safe, NOT microwave- nor oven-proof
dimension: from 25 cm up to 33cm

production: serial manufacturing, made in Spain

project assistant: Julian Heckel

PCM design