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mühlböck in mühldorf
2009 | installations / commissioned by Mühlböck Küche.Raum
collage in the hallwaymaterial and inspiration collage for the hallway (photo credit: Karin Hofbauer)
'1m³ collected memories'1m³ collected memories - 1 by 1 by 1 meter of random stuff
'1m³ collected memories' zoom1m³ collected memories - zoom
'blending boarders'blending boarders
rapunzel thread installationRapunzel - blue hints on the way
Rapunzel - blue hints on the way

Mim (Mühlböck im Schloss Mühldorf) was the opening exhibition for the new showrooms of the kitchen producer and interior design office mühlböck - küche.raum in a Renaissance Castle.

For the opening we did all graphicalwork (invitation, vinyl cuts, signage, visuals …), some decoration, collages and three design installations:

'1m³ gesammelte erinnerungen'  ('1m³ collected memories'):

For this installation, more than 125 objects were collected from cellars, attics and flea markets. - Typical things people normally got somewhere in a box or hidden in a cabinet. Most of the time these objects still have sentimental value and awake memories.
To leave more space for individual thoughts and stimulate small talk between visitors we painted the objects white.

'verlaufende Grenzen' ('blending boarders'):

'verlaufende Grenzen' was a strictly planned and accurately set up grid of bottles filled with colour. During the opening event the bottles’ content was slowly dripping onto white canvas. – Visitors could watch this planned process and its completely uncontrolled blending of colour. The outcome itself – an abstract painting – became a souvenir of the opening.


Rapunzel was meant as the big welcome to guests and visitors to lead the way to the new showrooms. Inspired by the old fairy tale, we tried to connect the garden with the first floor of the castle.

1m³ gesammelte erinnerungen:
material: various, painted white
dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100 cm

verlaufende Grenzen:
material:wood, glass bottles, colour, canvas, dripping devices
dimensions: construction: 126 x 206 x 200cm
canvas: 120 x 200cm


material: threads in blue colour
dimensions: various