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limited moths - one room, one species
2015 | limited edition
commissioned by Kunsthaus Wien
whole lamp installationview of the whole limited moths - cucullia tanaceti installation at the Kunsthaus Wien | photo: Thomas Mayer
zoom into limited moths lamptwo cucullia tanaceti - lamps
detail limited mothsdetail limited moths | photo: Thomas Mayer
endangered moth
detail of the installation at the Garage in the Kunsthaus Wien
polishingimage of a real cucullia tanaceti - specimen | photo: Friedmar Graf via www.lepiforum.de
polishingin the exhibition a video of the area the species was last seen was shown
polishingdetail of the installation, each single moths is numbered individually
polishingall the moths were sanded by hand, anodized and then bent and hand riveted together.

The loss of biodiversity was the focus of the project 'RealLimited - one room, one species' in the exhibition at the KUNST HAUS WIEN Garage.

The total population of the moth species “cucullia tanaceti”, which is threatened by extinction, is represented as a light sculpture.

1,219* numbered moths made out of aluminium visualize all the moths of this species still living in Austria. Several arrangements of these metal insects form light sculptures with individual moths whirling around sources of light.

This momentary record of all the specimen of this species still existing in Austria revives the discussion about the growing exploitation of sensitive natural resources. The new installation in the series RealLimited visualizes real limitations and tries to enable us to grasp abstract numbers.

*The numbers of the overall population of the “cucullia tanaceti“ include approximately 300-1300 specimen each year, according to the Austrian Federal Environmental Agency. Following extensive research and conversations with experts in the field, mischer’traxler estimated the population to be about 1200 specimen.

The six lamps of this series 'limitedmoths - cucullia tanaceti' are available via Design and Art.

A certain amount of the generated money goes to the project 'Naturfreikauf' (redeem nature) by the Naturschutzbund Austria, which buys natural areas where certain species were spotted and protects them in order to just stay as natural as possible.

species: cucullia tanaceti, rare nocturnal moth
conservation status Austria: critically endangered

project assistant: Maria Bauhofer, Anais Bourcier

material: 100% aluminium moths (laser-cut, anodized, laserengraved and handrivetted), electronics for lamp
dimensions: core lamp: 65 x 30 x 35cm,
with single moths - whole installation one lamp: 120 x 100 x 35cm
full installation: 400 x 250 x 40cm

production: limited edition of 6


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