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limited moths - catocala conversa
2015 | limited edition based on the realLimited project
for Victor Hunt
whole lamp installationlimited moths catocala conversa - light installation
zoom into limited moths lamp
detail limited mothslimited moths - catocala conversa installed on a wall
detail of the fixture for the light bulb, which caries the name of the species and relevant numbers.
detail limited moths catocala conversa
image of a real catocala conversa - specimen | photo: Egbert Friedrich via www.lepiforum.de
this version consists of brass and is patinated for a more natural colour
small clusters of moths are laser cut and later connected with brass-rivets

Limited moths - catocala conversa is part of the RealLimited series, which points out limitations in reality. The moth species Catocala conversa, that nowadays is highly endangered in Austria is portrait in brass.

As a huge swarm, the moths are flying towards a light bulb. Some single moths are placed randomly on the wall. Each individual moth is numbered and represents one moth still alive in reality. Each swarm (lamp) is unique.
The number of the limited edition derives directly from nature. As there are just 900-1200 individual moths of that species left in Austria, there will be just five lamps of this species available.

Per moths a certain amount of money go as a donation to the project 'Stmk - Schmetterlinge' by the Naturschutzbund Austria, which protects an abandoned quarry in Styria where nature grows wildly back and the Catocala conversa was spotted.

This momentary record of all the specimen of this species still existing in Austria revives the discussion about the growing exploitation of sensitive natural resources
and tries to make abstract numbers tangible.

species: catocala conversa, rare nocturnal moth
conservation status Austria: critically endangered

project assistant: Maria Bauhofer, Anais Bourcier

material: 100% brass ((laser-cut, patinated, and handrivetted), electronics for lamp
dimensions: core lamp: 65 x 30 x 35cm,
with single moths - whole installation one lamp: 120 x 100 x 35cm

production: limited edition of 5


Victor Hunt Gallery