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limited moths - marumba quercus
2008 / 2009 | limited edition | self-initiated
whole lamp installationview of the whole limited moths light installation
zoom into limited moths lamp
detail limited mothsdetail limited moths: each moth individually numbered
endangered moth: Marumba quercusreal moths: Marumba quercus
polishingpolishing the copper moths
polishingrivetting all moths together (photo credit: Eva Engelbert) - thanks!

Limited moths is part of the RealLimited series, which points out Limitations in Reality.

A rare Austrian moth species is portrait in copper. As a huge swarm, the moths are flying towards a light bulb. Some single moths are placed randomly on the wall. Each copper moth is numbered and represents one moth left in reality. Each swarm (lamp) is unique.

The number of the limited edition (4) derives directly from nature. As there are just estimated
800-1100 individual moths of that species left in Austria, there will be just four lamp installations.

A part of the generated money goes to the project 'Baumpension' (retired tree) by the Naturschutzbund Austria, which protects old dying trees as habitat for fungi, moss and insects.

The idea is: by trying to save the species, another lamp will be possible in some years. - from limited to unlimited

species: Marumba quercus, rare nocturnal moth
conservation status Austria: critically endangered

material: copper moths (waterjet-cut and handrivetted), electronics for lamp
dimensions: core lamp: 65 x 30 x 35cm,
with single moths - whole installation: 120 x 100 x 35cm
production: limited edition of 4 + 1 prototype