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limited fungi
2008 / 2009 | limited edition | self-initiated
limited fungiview of the whole shelf (photo credit: Rene van der Hulst)
limited funi detaillimited fungi shelf detail
real fungiendangered fungi: kuehneromyces lignicola
casted tin mushroomscast tin mushrooms

Limited fungi is part of the RealLimited series, which points out limitations in reality.

An endangered Austrian fungi species is figured in tin, growing on an old 'rotten' wooden board.
Each tin mushroom is numbered and represents one mushroom left in reality.
The number of the limited edition (12) derives directly from nature. As there are just estimated 200-250 individual fungi of that species left in Austria, there will be just 12 shelves. (on each 18-21 fungi)

A part of the generated money goes to the project 'Baumpension' (retired tree) by the Naturschutzbund Austria, which protects old dying trees as habitat for fungi, moss and insects.

The idea is: by trying to save the species, another shelf will be possible in some years. - from limited to unlimited

species: kuehneromyces lignicola, rare mushroom
conservation status Austria: critically endangered

material: conserved rotten wood, tin fungi (cast and embossed), metal wall mounting
dimensions: about 190 x 30 x 5 cm
production: limited edition of 12 + 1 AP