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layered - me mirror
2012 | prototype | self-initiated | for 'the mirror' exhibition
layered-me, distorted reflection
he mirror consists of four two-way mirrors and a sheet of glass
the glass in the back can be coloured
sketch of layered-me mirror
each layer is placed in a groove
all reflections are slightly distorted
the reflections seem like a new arrangement
work in progress
first test

‘Layered me’ is a table mirror that slightly distorts all its reflections.

Inspired by the idea that faces and personalities are not flat but multilayered, several sheets of mirrors are introduced into one object. Due to the distance and scale of the single mirroring layers the reflections become disfigured and form an assemblage of various images.
'Layered -me' consists of four two-way mirrors and one sandblasted or coloured sheet of glass placed in an oak base. Since the two-way mirrors always let some light through, the reflections are lighter and seem to fade out, where less layers are on top of each other.

The user can change the composition of the mirror's layers in the grooves by sliding, rotating and flipping them.

This project was initially designed for "the mirror" - exhibition organised and curated by Okolo and Klara Sumova during Designblok 2012 in October in Prague.

project assistant: Isaac Monté

material: two-way mirrors, glass, oak
47 x 15 x 50cm

Klara Sumova