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knowledge - tools - memory: blanket
2013 | prototype | self-initiated
blanket knowledge - tools - memory | 1,20 x 2,05 m
left: blanket with all the tools needed to replicate | right: blanket without tools
decoration as manual
detail of the stitched graphics
blanket completely folded and stored in the tool bag
the blanket and all tools stored in one bag
detail of the projects index
from wool to blanket
details of some tools

The project 'knowledge-tools-memory' deals about the making and the reproduction of objects and that the passing on basic knowledge of how things are made should not be neglected.

Even simple objects of daily use like a sheet of paper or a blanket are closely interlinked with the resources they are made out of and a series of production steps to turn this material into the object. If the general knowledge and understanding of how to produce objects fades, does this change our relationship to them?
Each object in the 'knowledge-tools-memory' series, serves its function as a usable object, whilst also briefly showing how it can be reproduced from scratch. Included in the design are the tools which enable anyone to produce a replication of the object, using simple methods and materials. With
the tools and manuals being such an integral part of the design, the aesthetic of each object treads the line between function and decoration, whilst leaving space for private memories to be added.

Nowadays, when technology, printers, machines … take over production in many clever and genius ways, we should on the one hand appreciate how much work is made by these machines for us and enjoy the possibilities, but on the other hand we should not completely forget what our hands can do and how this knowledge should not be lost, but can be embedded in objects.

'knowledge-tools-memory' started with first tests and a glimpse of the concept for the exhibition 'another terra' by INResidence in 2012 and was continued on the occasion of the 'Nomadic furniture' exhibition at the MAK in 2013. So far the collection of objects consists of a sketchbook (no images yet) and a woollen blanket.

blanket graphics: Brigitte Höfler


material: wool, cotton threads | various materials for tools
dimension: 120 x 205 cm


mak - museum of applied arts / Vienna