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project - framed
2012 | prototype | commissioned by Kvadrat
for Kvadrat - Hallingdal Project 65
six piece of the frane collectionframed - six pieces of the 'framed' collection (photo credit: Angela Moore)
concept sketchconcept sketch
'framed' bench'framed' bench (photo credit: Angela Moore)
wall frames'framed' wall shelves (photo credit: Angela Moore)
close up of one shelfclose up of one shelf
detaildetail of the bench (photo credit: Angela Moore)
sketchsketch of the collection
making ofmaking of prototypes
making ofmaking of the 'frame' - bench
working on colourworking on the colour selection
refining coloursrefining colour selection
view of exhibitionview of all ten 'framed' pieces in the Hallingdal 65 exhibition in Milan

'Framed' for Kvadrat’s Hallingdal 65 - Project, celebrates and highlights the classic Hallingdal 65 fabric by framing it. Several sheets of fabric are clamped within wooden frames and form colourful elements of furniture, like the backside of a shelf or the upholstery of a bench. Since the fabric itself is very beautiful, it is kept as pure as possible and held in position through pressure and friction.
Using pressure and friction has the advantage of easy changeability, as the fabrics can be swapped without
complicated handling. Moreover it allows complete disassembly in all different material components for recycling.
Grey is chosen for the wooden structure to ensure that the fabrics are the only colourful ingredients for the furniture. Like in a three dimensional collage the pieces of cloth are roughly positioned in a light and playful way.
The resulting interior objects emphasize the used fabric as the main component and allow flexible arrangements of layers and colours.


material: Kvadrat Hallingdal fabric, oak, grey varnish
dimension: wall shelves varying from 40 x30 x 15cm up to 80 x 32 x 15cm - final size depending on the lenght of the fabric
bench: 120 x 44 x 46cm
stool: 56 x 44x 46cm

Kvadrat Hallingdal 65 - Project