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flying gardens - water yard
2012/ 2015 | kinetic installation |with Martin Robitsch
for KAV Vienna / Pflegewohnhaus Donaustadt
20 flying water sieves filling the yard with little raindrops
floorplan | water yard on the left
since it is for some people rather difficult to look downwards to see the water pool - the decision was made to bring the water pool to the people
the best is to watch the flying sieves in action | play movie by clicking on the image or here
the water yard seen from the rooftop
some of the sieves fetching water in the pond
the kinetic installation spans over 7 storeys of the building
slowly and in steady motion the sieves fly by the windows

In 2012 mischer'traxler studio and Martin Robitsch were approached by the curators of Liquid Frontiers to develop a project for the inner courtyards of a residential care facility for the elderly in Vienna.

The landscape design for the ground-level of the yard was already planned with a water pool. Due to the immobility of some residents and the fact that the yard is not accessible, the designers decided to bring the elements of the ground floor up to the people.
In steady motion and balanced choreography, twenty water sieves slowly pass the windows of the communal rooms and fill the yards with contemplating movement. When at the lowest point the sieves fill with water. Once pulled upwards the water rinse down again, filling the yard with small water-drops.

a project by: mischer'traxler studio and Martin Robitsch
curated by: Liquid Frontiers
concept phase: 2012
realisation: 2014/2015
documentation 2016
construction flying gardens: Indat
architects: DMAA architects
client: KAV Vienna / Pflegewohnhaus Donaustadt
landscape architecture: Rajek & Barosch
video-documentation: trick-my-film

20 anodized aluminium sieves, motors, stainless steel, controling unit, ...

15 meter x 12meter x 24meters (7 storeys)