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2015/16 | prototype | developed for 'freedom' exhibition
equilumen - a constant game of give and take
equilumen - a constant game of give and take
detail of equilumen | a loop keeps the sphere in position and works as a handle for moving the lamp
the lower you pull the lamp, the brighter it shines
functional schematic front view of the tilting radius
functional schematic top view of the rotation angles
'equilumen' is a lamp that distributes the same amount of light between two light sources.

A long rod carries on each end a glass-sphere. If in total balance both spheres light up in the same brightness sharing the lamp's power equally. Once somebody pulls one end of the lamp lower, it lights up more, whilst at the same time the other end gets dimmed.

A game of 'give and take' - symbolizing that the right balance is a delicate, inconstant position and always a matter of the ideal distribution between participating parties.

The user can change the ldistribution of light according to current needs, but has to decide where the light is needed more or have it equally balanced out to create an ambiant atmosphere.

This project was initially designed for an exhibition on the topic of "freedom" during Designblok 2015 in October in Prague, curated by Tulga Beyerle and Agniescka Jacobson.


project assistant: Maria Bauhofer, Anais Bourcier
electrotechnical development: Simon Laburda/DKIA

project images: Maria Bauhofer, Elisa Polner

material: metal, glass, electronics
280cm x 30cm x variable height (min.120cm)