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day by day - rug
2014/2015 |serial unique product | for Nodus
day by day - rugs | systematic concept to visualize hand-made production | system available for various sizes
small green rug - each 'colour stripe" marks one day of production for one maker
detail of the cell structure
close up of the three dimensional surface
black and white blueprint and designated colours
hand-knotting the rug takes place in Nepal
big red rug - each 'colour stripe" marks one day of production for two makers
each finished rug carries a label telling who made it and when
detail of the cell structure of the red rug
choosing the colours for the red carpet | spring 2014
'Day-by-day' by mischer'traxler studio for Nodus is a system for hand knotted rugs which is designed to visualize human labour and the working time of one, respectively, two carpet makers to produce one carpet. The resulting rugs are always unique pieces, since the pattern incoperates the working rhythm of the makers into the final design.

Depending on the size and the ‘resolution’ of a carpet, it takes several weeks to several months to produce a hand-knotted rug. This amount of labour is often underestimated and unnoticed. The rug project ‘day by day’ makes this labour visible and values it by incorporating it into the design.
A polygon shaped carpet is using a cell structure pattern as a basic grid which is filled day by day with a pair of colours. Every working-day, the worker is using two different colours to fill the pattern. This generates a coloured stripe, - an abstract record of one working day. Day by day the carpet fills up with more stripes for each day. Some stripes will be thinner and some will be thicker, depending on the rug’s shape, the working hours, and also the daily condition of the worker – a working diary, manifested in the rug. Each working day is translated into the pattern of the rug and by doing so, each piece becomes as unique as its maker while at the same time unveiling the exact amount of working days per carpet.
To underline this, the carpet carries a label with the name, age and gender of the worker(s) and the start and finishing date.

“Day by day” is a production method which can be applied to nearly any size. The rugs are out of naturally dyed wool and hand knotted in Nepal. So far there is a green version and a red version.

material: naturally dyed wool, leather-label
dimension: various sizes possible
small/ green rug: 120 x 230 cm
big/ red rug: 280 x 330 cm

hand-knotted in Nepal

Nodus rug