logo mischer'traxler

2012 | installation | on invitation by wait & see
scale representing 'collective works', research and inspiration on the left side, final on the right
scale representing 'reversed volume', research and tests on the left side, final bowls on the right
big hanging scale representing 'the idea of a tree' project
scale showing 'the scientific nature of jewellery'

For the 51st edition of the Salone del Mobile, mischer'traxler teamed up with Wait and See to exhibit an installation called 'Balanced' about their work and way of thinking.

Equilibrium as a credo for life and work, as a goal for projects and as a creative concept in general was brought into the 'Wait and see' space. 'Balanced' - a quest of cause and effect showed inspirational material, experiments and theory on the same level as a final product itself and thus became a three-dimensional collage of mischer'tarxler's way of working.

The exhibition made use of scales in a precarious equilibrium, carefully arranged, hanging and standing in the space filling Wait and See, the concept store and exhibition space created by Uberta Zambeletti, with tension and curiosity.

dimension: site-specific

included projects:
the idea of a tree, collective works, reversed volumes,growing necklace from the scientific nature of jewellery


wait & see