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LeveL - the fragile balance of perfect systems
2016 | kinetic light installation
commissioned by austria design net
LeveL - all interconnected rods in perfect balance illuminating the room (photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
when balanced the mobile lights up to its brightest illumination
(photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
(photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
the best is to see LeveL when in motion | play movie by clicking on the image or here
the installation reacts when set in motion by touch, when being blown on by someone or by air movement within the space. (photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
the mobile is made out of carbonfiber rods with copperinlays, costum designed hanging hinges and handmade lampshades (photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
the installation even react when just being blown at by a person (photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
LeveL manages to engage people of all ages and background (photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
the lampshades are all designed with a pattern that represents network-structures
(photo credit: Simon Scherrer)
LeveL was built at mischer'traxler studio with our great team | watch the making-of movie by clicking on the image or here
LeveL at mischer'traxler studio shortly after being finished

'LeveL' captures the fragility of perfect systems and shows how sensitive such networks are to influences from outside and whithin.

Comissioned by Austria Design Net and curated by Thomas Geisler, the project was the Austrian project for the first London Design Biennale in 2016 whichs theme was 'Utopia by Design'

Utopian scenarios are ideal networks, full of interdependency, where personal freedom counterweights social dependency, where property equals responsibility – where each force holds its positions to balance the whole system in concinnity. In that sense utopias are very sensitive and labile for any changes from within or from the outside. This fragility is what the installation tries to capture.

Consisting out of 50 interconnected rods, 'LeveL' hangs, like a mobile, in a darkened room. Each end of the rods carries a delicate illuminated lampshade. If left by itself, the structure finds its perfect equilibrium and each end of the rods is light up to the brightest level so that the piece illuminates the room. Once somebody comes close, touches the piece, or even with a breeze of air, the installation starts tilting. Depending on the tilt of the rods, the light lowers so that it is just dimmed. With the constant imbalance of the structure, there is a continuous change of light intensity, showing that many factors have an influence on ideal systems. ‘LeveL' is an interactive piece that invites the audience to walk through the structure, see the continous changing atmosphere and think about the fragility of perfection.


electro-technical development: Simon Laburda | DKAI
project assistant: Maria Bauhofer, Elisa Polner, Theresa Ohm, Benedikt Steiner

carbon fibre rods, copper, metal, POM, cable, Japanese paravent paper, electric components,  custom made circuit boards

dimension: approx. 680x380x350- can be slightly adapted t


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