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awards & recognitions
2016: Winner: Swarovski Design Medal2016 by Swarovski and Vienna Design Week | Austria
2016: Telegraph's Visionaries 2016 | UK
2015. TL magazine's DUO awards |
TLmag #24 | BEL
2015: Wallpaper's 20 under 40 | UK
2014: Winner: BE-Open - Young Talent Award | GB, Switzerland
2013: Winner: Justus Brinckmann sponsorship award | Germany
2012: Winner: Wu Guanzhong Art & Science Innovation Award | China
2012: Nomination: Icon-Awards: Emerging Designer of the year | UK
2011: Winner: W-Hotel's Designer of the future Award 2011 by Design Miami/Basel | US
2011: Nomination: Dwell moder World award | US
2010: Nomination: Brit Insurance – Designs of the Year 2010 | UK
2010: Winner: Wiener Zukunftspreis 2010 | Austria
2009: Winner: Austrian Prize for the Advancement of Experimental Design | Austria
2009: Honorary Mention: Prix Ars Electronica (cat.: Hybrid Arts) | Austria
2009: recipient of 'Startstipendium for design & architecture 2009' by BMUKK | Austria
2009: Winner: DMY-Award | Germany
2007: Winner: Sustainable Design Award, by Dyson & the Design Academy | NL
2006: Finalist: Lights of the future 2006 - Student award | Germany
2005: Nomination: MACEF-rethink-recycle-award | US


Nov -Feb.(2017): “LeveL and Volumes” , the Goods Shed | Perth | Australia

Dec.: "LeveL 2.0" for Victor Hunt designart dealer, Design Miami | Miami | USA
Nov. - Jan.(2017): Dunbar's Number presents: "the living room" , Vienna_AAA | Vienna | Austria
Nov.: "the 3rd Xinjiang Annual Art Biennial 2016" | Xinjiang | China
Oct.: "Elektra Lux" , Carwan gallery | Beirut | Lebanon
Oct.: "Collection #3" , chamber gallery | NewYork | USA
Sept.: "Indian Summer" at Tools Gallery | Paris | France
Sept.: "Isochrone for Schloss Hollenegg for Design" at Vienna Design Week |Vienna | Austria
Sept.: "A characters coat" by Pia Bauernberger at Vienna Design Week | Vienna | Austria
Sept.: "LeveL - the fragile balance of utopia", London Design Biennale | London | UK
May: "collective works at Design Week Jerusalem, Hansen House | Jerusalem | Israel
May:"Slow", Schloss Hollenegg for Design, Hollenegg | Austria
April Milan:"local icons - East/West" , Milan | Italy
April Milan: "Back Ahead - new Austrian Design Perspectives", Milan | Italy
March-June:"we transform - Art and Design on the limit of growth, NMN Nuremberg | Germany
Feb.: "local icons - East/West" MAXXI museum, Rome | Italy

Dec..-Jan.(2016): "Für Gaderobe wird nicht gehaftet" , AIL, Vienna | Austria
Nov.-Jan.(2016): "Prototypes & Experiments VIII", Aram Gallery, London | UK
Oct.: "Freedom" at Designblok, Designblok Prague | Czech Republic
Sept.-Oct.: "'ephemerā " for Perrier-Joet, Vienna Design Week, Vienna | Austria
Sep.: "curiosity cloud", London Design Festival, Victoria & Albert museum, London | UK
Sep.: "19 greek street -The Art of Progress", London Design Festival, London | UK
Sept.-Oct.: "realLimited", Garage Kunsthaus Wien | Austria
Sept: "Designsalon Linz -one of a kind", Landesgallerie, Linz | Austria
Sept-Jan(2016): "Lightopia", Vitra exhibition, Imperial Furniture Museum - Vienna | Austria
Sept: "Favoris #01", exhibition and Auction, Paris | France
May: "Unikat", Designmonat Graz 2015 | Austria
May.: "Krehky at Mikulov", Mikulov | Czech Republic
April-Dec.: "Domus", Depot 2015, Pilsen | Czech Republic
March-May: "Do it yourself Design", Museum für Gestaltung Zürich| CH
Feb.-March: "Design-Discourse: Austria-South Africa", Designforum Wien | Austria

Dec.: "'ephemerā by mischer'traxler" for Perrier-Joet, Design Miami 2015, Miami | USA
Nov: "Design-Discourse: Austria-South Africa", Cape Town | South Africa
Nov.-Dec.: "The future is not what it used to be", Design Biennial 2014, Istanbul | Turkey
Sept.-Nov.: "Trame - Copper Crossing", Triennale Design Museum, Milano | Italy
Sept.-Oct.: "similarly unique", Vienna Design Week - window gallery, Vienna | Austria
Sept.-Oct.: "fabelhaft/ legendary", Vienna Design Week, Vienna | Austria
July-Sept.: “The main dish“ , Philadelphia museum of art, Philadelphia | USA
June-August: “Designing Scarcity“, Het Niewe Instituut, Rotterdam | Netherlands
June-Nov.: “Castling – designer meet the collection“, KGM Pillnitz, Dresden | Germany
June: Design Miami Basel - Victor Hunt, Basel | Switzerland
May: "Self-Unself", Collective 2 fair, New York | USA
May – onwards: “Designlabor“ , MAK, Vienna | Austria
May-Aug.: “Werkstatt Vienna“, KGM Pillnitz, Dresden | Germany
April: Milan - Nodus: "All art is useless" , Milan | Italy
April: Milan: INResidence: "Desideribilia", Milan | Italy
Nov.-March (2014): "Design Shanghai 2013 - Aesthetics City", Power Station of Art,
Shanghai | China

Oct.-February (2014): "Mastering Design", MUDAC, Lausanne | Switzerland
Sept.-March(2014): "Lightopia", Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein| Germany
Sept.-Nov.: "Crossovers- Natural Studies" , MODEM, Budapest | Hungary
Sept.-Nov.: "Crossovers in Design" , Design Terminal, Budapest | Hungary
Sept.: "colour records" - mischer'traxler invited to Bratislava Design Week | Slovakia
Aug.-Feb.(14): "similarly unique" - mischer'traxler in the box, Lynfabriken, Aarhus | DK
June - October: "Nomadic Furniture 3.0", MAK, Vienna | Austria
April: "Austrian Design details", Salone di Tessuti, Milan | Italy
Apri: "Madtastic", Institute Cervantes Milan | Italy
April: "Werkstatt Vienna", Venture Lambrate, Milan | Italy
March-April: "O'Clock - Time Design, Design Time", CAFA Art Museum, Beijing | China
Feb.-June:"Food Project -the shape of taste", Mart Museum, Rovereto | Italy
Feb.-March: "Contemporary Perspectives in Middle Eastern Craft"', Katara Art Center, Doha |
Feb.-March: "the mirror'", Vienna Design Week -gallery space, Stilwerk, Vienna | Austria
Feb.: "DOS - designing sound object", Auditorium Rome | Italy
Dec.(12) -March: "Werkstatt Vienna" , MAK, Vienna | Austria

Nov.-Dec: "Reflections on form", Helmrinderknecht/Barbara Seiler Galerie, Zürich | Switzerland
Nov.-Dec.: "the 3rd art and science international exhibition and symposium", Science and technology museum, Beijing | China
Nov.: "shape your life" MAXXI museum, Rome | Italy
Oct.: "Another terra" Interieur Kortrijk | Belgium
Oct.-Nov.: "Vienna Open" , Vienna | Austria
Oct.: "Mutationen" , Dunbars Number , Vienna Design Week , Vienna | Austria
Oct.: "Cocoo Syndrome" , Kunstraum NOE, Vienna | Austria
Oct.: "the mirror" , Okolo, Designblok Prague | Czech Republic
Sept.-Oct.: "Slow Design" , Budapest | Hungary
Sept.-Nov.: "BIO 23" , MAO, Ljubljana | Slovenia
Sept.: "Everyday Discoveries" + "Werkstatt Vienna" , Helsinki | Finland
Sept.-Oct.: "Design meets Lifestyle" , Designgalleriet , Stockholm | Sweden
Sept.: "Methods" , somethinggood, London Design Festival, London | UK
July-Sept.: "Woher kommt das neue" , Hessen | Germany
June-Sept.: "Skin future materials" , Designforum , Vienna | Austria
June: "the machine', C-Mine, Genk | Belgium
June: "Another Terra at Depot Basel", Basel | Switzerland
June: "Taste Festival", Berlin | Germany
May: "mischer'traxler at Clerkenwell Design Week", London | UK
May: "Selected: sustainable Design", Designmonat Graz | Austria
May: "Skin - future materials", Designmonat Graz, Graz | Austria
April: "contemporary perspectives in middle eastern craft", Milan | Italy
April: "Kavdrat Hallingdal 65 - Projects", Jill Sander Showroom, Milan | Italy
April: "Another Terra - home away from home", Milan | Italy
April: "Balanced", Milan | Italy
April: "Austria Raw & Delicate", Milan | Italy
March: "Design Days Dubai", performance, Dubai | UAE
March: "Countdown", Bolzani | Italy
Feb.-March: "Magic of Diversity" MAK Vienna | Austria

Nov.-Dec.: "(mis) using what is there", solo exh. at Novalis Fine Arts, Turin | Italy
Oct.-Jan.(12): "o´clock - time design, design time" Triennale Design Museum, Milano | Italy
Oct.: "gallery walk at qubique", 'Limited editions by Engelhorn & Turkiewicz', Berlin | Germany
Oct.-Feb.(12): "New Energy in Design and Art" Museum Boijmans van Beuningen | NL
Oct.: "Het colour locale" Budapest | HU
Oct.: "Lodz Design Festival" NeoFarm exhibition, Lodz | Poland
July: "Touch me" festival , Zagreb | Croatia
June: "W-hotels designer of the future", Design Miami/Basel, Basel | CH
June: "This is my forest: The harvest cycle", Festarch, Perugia | Italy
June-Sept.: "re:product 3", IWP, Warsaw | Poland
May-Feb.(12): "Industrious artefacts", Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen | NL
May-June: "mischer'traxler&raw colour", Otrascosas de Villarrosas, Barcelona | Spain
Apr.-May: "naturally combined", exhibition & workshop at RiotStudio, Naples | Italy
Mar.-Apr.: "04" , Krehky Gallery, Prague | Czech Republic
Dec.(10)-July: "Hyperlinks: Architecture & Design",Art Institute Chicago | USA
Dec.(10)-March:"restart", Palazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo | Italy
Dec.(10)-Feb.: "03 Chvala Vidne", Krehky Gallery, Prague | Czech Republic

Nov.: "Artissima Design", Palazzo Birago, Turin | Italy
Oct.-Jan (11): "2000 - 2010 - Design in Wien, Wien Museum, Vienna | Austria
Oct.: "Bulb Fiction",  Klaus Engelhorn Depot, Vienna | Austria
Oct: "Nespresso Installation", Vienna Design Week, Vienna | Austria
Oct: "Rumkugelbahn @ MAK shop, MAk, Vienna | Austria
Oct: "Design Nature", Biennale international du design, Liege | Belgium
Sept-Nov.: "Design criminal or a new joy to the World" MAK, Vienna | Austria
Sept.-Jan (11): "reThink", Textilmuseum Tillburg, Tillburge | NL
Sept: "Foodmarketo - Coffee&Friends", London | UK
June - July: "re.product2", Museum of Gdynia City, Gdynia | Poland
June-Oct.: "stik maar!", Kempenlandmuseum, Eindhoven, | NL
June: DMY Berlin, Vienna Design Week Embassy, Berlin | Germany
April-August: "new design items" , Klaus Engelhorn Depot, Vienna | Austria
April: “FoodMarketo”, Kaleidoscope Project Space, Milan | Italy
April-July: “phänomen ikea”, Hofmobiliemdepot, Vienna | Austria
Feb.-Oct: “Brit Insurance Award 2010”, Design Museum, London | UK
Dec.(09) – Feb.: “the idea of a tree”, Architecture/Urbanism Bi-city BiennaleHong Kong & Shenzhen | HK

Dec.:  Design Miami 09, Miami | USA
Dec.: "World Best Design", Design Korea, Incheon | Korea
Nov.:  "Plart on video", Fondazione Plart, Naples | Italy
Nov.: "spot on wien", 100% Design, Tokyo | Japan
Oct.-Nov.: "walk of fame", Designforum, Vienna | Austria
Oct.-Nov. "Menoperpiu", Maravee Village Fashion&Design, Trieste | Italy
Oct.-Nov.: "Energy", RIXC gallery at Spikeri, Riga | Latvia
Oct.: "Passionswege", ViennaDesignWeek, Vienna | Austria
Sept.-Oct.: "Cyber Arts 09", OK Centrum, Linz | Austria
Aug.-Sept.: "ShowHow", Copenhagen Design Week | Denmark
Aug.: "DMY award Exhibition", Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin | Germany
June: DMY Youngsters, Berlin Design Festival | Germany
May: "nl-new luxury", NAiM Bureau Europa, Maastricht | NL
May-June: "design that thinks", Lecce | Italy
April: "dutchness", DAE, Milan Design Week | Italy
April: "jewels and joules", brainport Eindhoven, Milan Design Week | Italy
April-June: "responsive materials", travelling exhibition | Germany

Oct.-Nov.: "talent 2008", Designhuis, Eindhoven | NL
Oct.:  "Graduation Galleries 08", Design Academy, Eindhoven | NL
July-Aug.: "masterpieces 2008", Droog@home Gallery, Amsterdam | NL
June: "master graduation show", Design Academy, Eindhoven, | NL

Sept.: "handled with care", designboom, designersblock, London | UK
March: "concept products", ideal home show, London | UK

Sept.: "light 06", 100%east, London | UK
Aug.: "dreimal Möbelglück", das Möbel, Vienna | Austria
July: "graduation show", Kingston University, London | UK
April: "lights of the future", light and building fair, Frankfurt | Germany
March: "new design festival", Vienna | Austria

Nov.: "PAD landing", FAD, Barcelona | Spain
Oct: "PAD landing", Designersblock, Prag | Czech Republic
Aug.: PAD, project space, Kunsthalle, Vienna | Austria